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Now accepting coaching clients!

I am officially opening the "coaching doors" and accepting clients for health/wellness, chronic pain, and spiritual coaching! You can fill out a contact form if you're interested in a free 30 minute consultation. We can then determine if we are a good fit and a date/time for your first coaching session. We will then arrange payment through venmo, zelle, or personal check. In the future, as my clients grow, I will be moving into a booking service and able to take additional online payment methods.

When I first looked into hiring a coach, I was worried that I would be told what to do and would have to be accountable for some rigid program to follow, or being roped into some type of additional recommended product or service to purchase. I was really worried that I would have to follow someone else's recommended agenda and it discouraged me from signing up. I'm so glad I was trained by an amazing coaching program that is the very OPPOSITE of that bulldozer technique.

I learned that the best coaches are ones that provide a sounding board, an open space, reflections, affirmations and observations. It's not about what *I* think is best, it's about what YOU want, what you need, at your own pace. You have the freedom to sculpt the entire process with an amazing supporter who truly knows how to listen.

The best teachers and coaches are usually the ones that have gone through similar experiences and challenges that their clients face. They have taken that path and have the understanding, empathy, and wisdom needed for their clients needs. A proper coach or teacher does not force wisdom on you, but it is there if you need it. Part of being a good coach is not taking away the self-discovery that YOU can make during your own growth process. After all, it is YOUR life and it is better to have support-led discovery than someone telling you what to do. The growth will last a lifetime if it is your own and discovered by YOU.

I hope that helps take away any animosity of what your coaching session will be like. Even coaches have coaches! That's how important it is. No one is perfect and we all need a support team. I would be honored to be part of your support team and along for your personal growth journey. Contact me today!


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