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Coaching vs. Channeled Reading

I feel it important to distinguish the differences between my services of coaching vs. a channeled reading. The two are very different. I think all who would like to obtain coaching or get a channeled reading should read this first, that way they are prepared for what they receive during each session.


I have been certified by the National Board of Health & Wellness for coaching. We are specifically trained to empower the one being coached. We are sounding boards. We will list your strengths, always follow your direction of where you want to go during your session, we will ask specific markers of your current goals, help you to evaluate where you would like to change. At times, my intuitive nature may come through and bring advice that I'm hearing, but otherwise coaching services is NOT a reading. It is not a channeling. We teach you how to listen to your own intuition, because there are too many "guru's" out there misleading others and giving advice instead of teaching their student how to hear their own intuition. Coaching is also not professional therapy. If there are problems with suicide, addictions, or mental health, a coach will help you find a practitioner in those areas that can help you with those specific issues.

As a coach we reflect back and summarize what you say to us. We read between the lines. We ask open ended questions. During a coaching session, you should be doing most of the talking. You can brainstorm together to get ideas with a coach during a session, but the coach will ask you FIRST what YOU KNOW. That way we don't spend needless time talking about something you already have tried. We can share personal stories when asked to do so. You can tap into our knowledge during a brainstorming session or when you ask us directly. Coaching may look like having several sessions (at least 3 in order to see progress).

Channeled Reading

This is a bit different from coaching. In this, the channeler is the one doing most of the talking. I prefer to co-channel, asking you if you resonate with what is coming through. I will also ask for your insight during the channeling or any other questions that I may need clarification on what is coming through. It's important to note that just because we are channeling higher-self, ET groups, or a specific divine entity, it does not mean that you will receive the exact answer you are looking for to a specific question. This is because of divine timing. Sometimes we do not receive answers because of something that needs to occur first, a lesson to be learned, or because free-will is in play and that can affect the outcome. Why would Source take away a beautiful moment that we ourselves discover through perfect timing, intuition, as well as synchronicity? I don't know about you, but I would believe this more than a reading from someone else! I would prefer to encourage you to learn how to channel yourself and feel the energies yourself so that you can trust that inner guidance. At times, though, we have inner blocks and prejudices that keep us from receiving and that is why it's good to seek out someone who can help.

With the knowledge of coaching vs. a channeled reading, you now know which one to request for what service you are looking for. Why not start by contacting me here!


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